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Aikido means many different things to different people.  On the surface, Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art founded on a defensive approach to neutralizing conflict. At its core, Aikido is a new way to see and interact with the world.

Aikido practice is filled with dynamic, weight-bearing exercise, offering cardiovascular and muscular benefits, which can be practiced by all people, regardless of body size, shape, age, or fitness level.

But Aikido is so much more...

About Aikido



The Catonsville Clubhouse

10 St. Timothy's Lane

Catonsville, MD 21228

Saturday 10am-11am

Monday 7pm-8pm

Dues are $80/month or $225 per quarter.

Mat fees for occasional visitors $12.

Discount for multiple family members!

Cash, check, or

PayPal (preferred).


For the duration of the pandemic, Water's Edge Aikikai is not onboarding new students. Our membership is focused on staying safe, remaining centered, and not providing a vector opportunity for the pandemic virus. 

Water's Edge Aikikai

in Catonsville, MD

Whether a beginner or advanced student of Aikido, you are welcome here!

New students are welcome to visit and try 3 classes free of charge or commitment. 

Please contact us or just drop by.  Wear loose workout clothes, preferably long pants.  Your first class could be tonight!